Special pipeline plugs and stoppers for active production lines

Case Study #1:

Blocking and repair of a main 2.5m in dia. sewage pipe serving thousands of households due to a crack which appeared in the pipe.


A crack in the main sewage pipe which required an immediate solution. The standard solution is to excavate and create a bypass to the faulty part. It is an expensive, inefficient and prolonged process.

Arrow’s Solution:

Our company developed a unique 3m in dia. plug which prevented the entry of wastewater to the line and permitted its’ repair while the system was in operation.

Our company designed and constructed a unique plug which will withstand any pressure built in addition to an array of pumps and high flow bypasses. When the plug was positioned in place the alternative pumping system went into action allowing a quick and efficient repair without any damage to the environment. Additionally, it saved large sums of money as no excavating was necessary or the construction of standard alternatives.

Case Study #2:

Blocking of a main cooling system line at a power station while the plant was in operation.


A crack appeared in one of the main pipes in the circulation balancing pond of the cooling water system. In order to repair the line one had to create a blockage in the specific line while the system was in operation. Initially, the work was performed by a diver commissioned by the plant. This diver however, unfortunately, was sucked in and killed.

Arrow’s Solution:

Our company developed a hydro-mechanical plug which could block the line in a safe manner outside the pond immediately and by unique means. It took only three days from call out to complete construction of the system as it was extremely urgent. This malfunction could have cost tens of millions of dollars and plant shut-down without our company’s intervention.

Case Study #3:

Enlargement of a cell at a cooling tower without system shutdown.


Due to an expansion at a chemical plant its cooling tower had to be altered. Therefore, a cell had to be added to the tower while the plant was in operation. The required opening was approximately 3m2.

Arrow’s Solution:

Arrow developed a hydraulic system capable of creating a 3m2 opening in a controlled and safe manner. This was performed by designing and constructing a unique blockage system between the old and new cells. By doing so, the cell could be activated without any damage or system shutdown

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