Industrial Wastewater Treatment

Arrow Operations and Technologies develop and  operate mobile and stationary systems for treating industrial wastewater and hazardous materials. These systems allow operational flexibility and movement, easily and quickly, from place to place.

Arrow Operations and Technologies’ systems of handling wastewater are built upon customer’s needs and the treatment for the wastewater is made in accordance with the type of wastewater and the manner for biological or chemical treatment. Arrow Operations and Technologies develop and apply advanced solutions to its work which it operates in a BOO or BOT type project format.

Arrow specialize in building and operating wastewater treating facilities in the chemical and petrochemical industry.
The company provides various solutions for the industry in form of innovative facilities and advanced technologies that enable treatment and recycling of wastewater that contain different kinds of toxins, heavy metals and oils.
The technologies include PH corrections, flocculation and coagulation, filtering systems and more. Click for more info

Hanna 2 is a mobile liquid waste and wastewater treatment unit. The unit is capable of performing programmed or manual treatment steps of liquid waste as acidification, reduction, chemical oxidation, coagulation/flocculation & filtration. The unit is based on aRo-Ro platform, sized as a 20’ container. This feature facilitates ease of transportation of the unit to any site in the world. The unit is operational within 3-6 hours from arrival to site. Click for more info

Arrow specialize in unique solutions for wastewater containing heavy organic load and it does so with anaerobic biological treatment and turning the wastewater into Bio-Gaz, water and sludge. The process saves energy and is cost-effective.
Arrow perrform these processes for the chemical, petrochemical and food industries.  Click for more info

Arrow specialize in establishing and operating unique, cost effective and environmentally friendly plants, that treat mineral oil, fat oil and hazardous wastewater. Due to this specific waste tendency to be very viscus and dense, it requires special treatment, with several phases such as DAF, Lamella separators, heating, mechanical filtration and more.Click for more info

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