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Arrow Operations and Technologies is a leading company operating in the field for over 30 years with cross lateral experience and knowledge  in creating advanced tailor made solutions for treating unique and difficult cases in the hazerdous materials industry.

Arrow Operations and Technologies develop and apply advanced solutions to its work which it operates  by BOO or BOT type project modules.

When a problem arises which cannot be solved through standard measures, Arrow Operations and Technologies has the solution for you. The Company’s experts will provide its experience and unique engineering abilities starting from the R&D stage until the actual treatment of the problem.

A thermal solar system that treats sludge waste and transforms it to energy and raw material by harnessing the solar energy to chemically transform the waste.

The Arrow System represents a low cost, comprehensive solution that serves as an economic waste disposal alternative and provides a source of “green energy” and raw materials.  Click for more info

Arrow use advanced, safe and mobile systems based on unique technologies for dealing with different ecological and environmental disasters with high availability and short reaction time.

The systems are unique and know how to deal with various pollutions and hazards in   industrial environment such as fires, various malfunctions, leakages, explosions, leaks etc.
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Arrow advantages are an independent mobile system, recycling of most wastewater while significantly conserving fresh water, reduction of sludge and wastewater to be land filled to a minimum. (up to 90%), ecologically and environmentally friendly treatment with no emissions, current significant economic saving which will increase in the future and proven successful laboratory and field tests. Click for more info

A  facility developed by the  Arrow  team for  removing lumps of hard materials such as crystallized salt or ice,  this facility can be used for  several things such as sedimentation basins of salt in potash production, frozen rivers etc.  Click for more info  

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